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About Stack Physio

Our ethos is simple – DO IT BETTER.

This runs through everything from our physiotherapy decision making, diagnosis, treatment and management plans; to the exercise programs we craft; to the ongoing care and the way we make ourselves available for our patients; to the way we provide small comforts in the waiting room, and do our best to find appointments for people on short notice.

At your physiotherapy consultation, you can expect us to:

  • Listen closely to your story

  • Discuss the history of your injury or problem in detail

  • Conduct an examination which usually includes movement evaluation, functional tests, orthopaedic specific tests, strength testing or other clinical measures

  • Provide a clinical diagnosis for your issue

  • Talk you through the contributing factors

  • Discuss treatment options, be it with physiotherapy treatment and hands-on approaches, exercise, movement retraining, training load management, recovery techniques, medical options, and further referrals for specialist opinions, imaging, or interventions as needed

  • We use a combination of manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation in the majority of our consultations

  • We will often set you up with an individualised exercise program, specific to your issue (we use software called TrackActive for this)

  • We will follow through a treatment plan with you that ties in to your individual goals and needs

  • We will be contactable via email or phone for burning questions or any pressing issues that arise

Using an evidence-based practice model of sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy is important to us. This means we are constantly reviewing papers and research and listening to the thought leaders in their fields, to make sure we are providing the best possible treatment for our patients. We run weekly in-house education sessions to remain on the same page in our approach.

We strive to provide the highest possible care for our patients by doing this, and do our best to support everyone that comes into the clinic.

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