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We post about common injuries and issues we see in the clinic, tips and tricks, and provide information you can rely on about pain, injury and exercise.

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News, advice, videos & more.

We post about common issues we see in the clinic, tips and tricks, and try to provide reliable information on a range of topics. See below for a list of previous posts.

1602, 2023

How to rehab an AC Joint dislocation.

This is a tale of an AC joint dislocation, and how to come back from it. It was a balmy evening down at Wednesday night social touch rugby. With a bit of fatigue in the legs and chest, and probably a bit too much confidence with a couple of tries [...]

1605, 2021

Rehab classes are back!

We are very happy to announce that our popular Physio Exercise & Rehab Classes are back! We run small group (up to three patients) classes, supervised by one of our physiotherapists, where you complete your own personalised program. You are working on your goals - be it rehab, prehab, strength, [...]

709, 2020

The three waves of covid-related injuries!

Everyone has been affected in different ways by the fallout of coronavirus. In the clinic, we have seen some interesting trends emerge through the injuries and pain problems that have come in the clinic. Know this: one of the most common causes for any injury or pain problem is simply [...]

1904, 2020

Physiotherapy, COVID and you

I’ll admit, the last few weeks have tested me. It’s been a period of major personal and professional challenge, as it has been no doubt for most of us. It’s Sunday evening on the 19th of April, and I sit down to write this partly as catharsis, but mostly as [...]

412, 2019

Getting personal – talking pelvic floor in exercise!

Here our physio Nicola takes you through one of her clinical interests - women’s health in exercise! This blog will briefly look over and hopefully bring to your attention the commonality and issue with urinary stress incontinence - or in simple terms, “peeing your pants” a little - whilst exercising [...]

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