Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

What is Post-Operative Rehabilitation?

Surgery alone won’t solve your issue. Optimal healing occurs with a combination or rest and recovery, protection of the area, graded movement, and slowly rebuilding strength and mobility.

It’s not an easy process physically or mentally. And without proper guidance, it can be hard to know what to do to get the outcome you want (trust us – we’ve seen this time and again!). You need someone in your corner that understands the surgery, the process, and can guide you through your recovery.

We have specific interests in rehabilitation of:

  • ACL reconstruction

  • Achilles tendon ruptures

  • Shoulder rotator cuff repair

  • Shoulder stabilisations

  • Sports trauma injuries and fractures

  • Knee arthroscopy and cartilage interventions

  • Ankle reconstructions and stabilisations

  • Lisfranc injury rehabilitation

  • Arthroscopic hip surgery

We work closely with your surgeon to ensure a unified approach to rehab.

Through your recovery, we will:

  • Explain to you what is happening with the healing process at each stage

  • Talk about how things will progress, and what to be careful of

  • Regular check, monitor and test your progress

  • Coach you through the appropriate exercises to maximise your outcome

  • Give you markers to aim for to progress in your rehab

  • Tailor the rehab to your lifestyle and your goals

  • Be available if you have any concerns or questions.

Post-operative rehab can be a bumpy journey – don’t go it alone! We’ve got your back.

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