Exercise Rehabilitation

Exercise Rehabilitation

What is Exercise Rehabilitation?

Exercise is one of our key tools at Stack Physio. Pretty much all our patients are going to get recommended exercises of some sort! The key is to make these meaningful, impactful, and achievable.

Exercise rehabilitation can be used to:

  • Help with your recovery from injury

  • Reduce pain

  • Increase mobility, strength, stability and fitness

  • Guide your recovery after surgery

  • Maximise your sports performance

  • Boost mental and metabolic health

  • Give you back control over a problem area or pain problem

The team at Stack Physio have great experience in prescribing exercise, with some of us holding dedicated degrees in exercise science.

We will set you up with a personalised exercise program during your consult, and follow this using TrackActive exercise software, so your program is always ready for you on an app on your phone.

Exercise services we offer include:

  • Small group physiotherapy exercise & rehab classes

  • Supervised 1:1 exercise & rehab training in our rehab gym

  • Short courses and workshops for specific injuries and problems

  • CrossFit performance screenings and program prescription

  • Running screenings and targeted strength programs for runners

  • Post-operative rehabilitation programs, complete from surgery to performance

  • Worker’s compensation exercise rehabilitation plans

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