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We post about common injuries and issues we see in the clinic, tips and tricks, and provide information you can rely on about pain, injury and exercise.

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News, advice, videos & more.

We post about common issues we see in the clinic, tips and tricks, and try to provide reliable information on a range of topics. See below for a list of previous posts.

2711, 2019

Back pain – Facts | Myths | Actions

Grab a cuppa. This is a big topic. In this blog, we are going to talk about Australia’s #1 cause of combined death and disability – back pain. Yes, you read that correctly. In 2016, back pain caused more combined disability than heart disease, mental health disorders, stroke, lung cancer [...]

1906, 2019

Screen yourself, move better!

The human body is designed to move. We do it everyday, some of us more than others depending on what our physical work demands are and what sports and exercises we are involved in. Like with most things in life, there are good ways and less optimal ways to do [...]

2904, 2019

CrossFit and physio – prevent injuries, keep training!

Read on as Stack St Physio’s own Nicola Rutty, physiotherapist and Crossfit athlete, shares with you her take on key principles behind injury prevention in CrossFit! So for my first blog post for Stack St Physio, I thought I’d address a sport that I am very involved in as a [...]

1003, 2019

New moves in 2019!

It’s been such a busy couple of months at Stack St Physio that it has taken us a couple of months to update you on everything that is happening here. We’ve got a new physio! In January we welcomed Nicola Rutty, physiotherapist, to the team! Nicola graduated from Curtin University [...]

2808, 2018

What Do You Want To Get Out Of Physio?

This question can be more complex than it would appear at first glance! As a patient, it is important to have a goal in mind for physiotherapy treatment. This does a few things - it keeps you on track, it holds us (your physio!) accountable and it guides the treatment plan. We [...]

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