Cancellation Policy

Current June 2022

Stack Physio is a busy clinic that aims to provide the best possible service for our  patients. We dedicate the entirety of your appointment time to you. We appreciate that  things come up – you feel unwell, family issues, life happens. And we will always try to  reschedule your appointment time as conveniently as possible.  

For our physiotherapists, their time is their livelihood. And for our patients, we often have  a wait list of people hoping to get in on a cancellation. When we have a patient miss an  appointment, that spot could have gone to someone in pain.  

For these reasons, we really appreciate as much advance notice of cancellations as  possible. We ask that you call us on 9320 3211 (and if after hours, leave a voicemail  and/or email) if you need to cancel your appointment.  

If you can call us at least 6 hours before your appointment time, we will not charge a  cancellation fee.  

We will charge a cancellation fee of $30 (30min appointments), $45 (45min  appointments) or $60 (60min appointments) for cancellations with less than 6 hours  notice, or if you do not attend your appointment. 

We do not enjoy charging cancellation fees. But it’s a part of ensuring both your time  and our time is valued. We would much rather be able to do what we love, and work with  our patients to help them move better. 

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to helping you next time you are  in the clinic. 

The team at Stack Physio.